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towards wild futures.

elle thoni

public artist

about elle

Elle Thoni (they/them) is a femmebeast playwright, performance-maker, and public artist returning to relationship in this time of Great Unraveling. A lifelong student of myth, Elle’s performance works investigate how our sense of belonging, identity, and loss are changing with our climate. Their plays are odes to emergent ecologies, wherein humans are but one of the actors in a much larger drama. Elle draws from a divergent background in ensemble-devised performance, poetry, puppet & mask, and documentary theatre to create pieces that are as dynamic as the living systems they are inspired by. 

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From Queen B: A New Work of Honeybee Futurism, co-presented by Wild Conspiracy (artist's company) and Tamales y Bicicletas Urban Farm on Dahkóta land in South Minneapolis. Photo credit: Maxwell Collyard. Performers (clockwise from left) Lelis Brito, Or Levinson, Ricky Morisseau



Monstrous (in development)

8-14 actors, 70-90 min play
Mary's search for an abortion provider lands them in 1720s England, where they pass as Mary Toft, a historical figure notorious for giving birth to rabbits. A queer exploration of rage in the post-Roe era, Monstrous confronts government control over bodily autonomy with absurdity and magic.

Queen B: A New Work of Honeybee Futurism
6-8 actors, 90-120 min musical
book by Elle Thoni, music by Dameun Strange & Carlisle Evans-Peck
102 years into the future, cities have sealed themselves under holographic domes to protect themselves from the inhospitable climate. Yet, when the robo-bee population begins to die off like their honeymaking ancestors, the fate of this new society rests upon the fading memories of the last living beekeeper, a (former?) revolutionary who goes by the name Queen B.


Bestiary of Rogues

6-8 actors, 70-90 min play

After a fatal fire at communal house in South Minneapolis, a band of urban animals come together to tell the story of what happened - or is it? Part documentary theatre and part punk folklore, Bestiary of Rogues sifts through the wreckage to find the difference between between fact and truth with tremendous heart.

Woolly: A de-extinction play

6-8 actors, 70-90 min play

Woolly is a play about the science of de-extinction and the liminal space between hope and heartbreak. As evolutionary biologist Dr. Robin Slater prepares for her Ted Talk, she and members of her family find themselves disappearing into the so-called "tundra" of their anxious imagination. When - and how - will they be able to find their way back to the present time and moment? Unapologetically weaving together fantasy, science, and documentary, Woolly asks the question: "how much can we stand to loose - and is there any way we can regain it?"



The First Whale

2 actors, 10 min play

Natural history gets a redux in this queer retelling of the evolution of the whale from a land to sea mammal.

Please visit me on New Play Exchange for select scripts. 
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This page is still being built. In the meantime, please check out Wild Conspiracy, the home of my ensemble performance projects.

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Do you have an idea but aren't sure where to start? Are you looking to present your work in a new or non-traditional way? Do you want feedback on something that already exists on the page? Let me support with my 10+ years of experience in cross-sector public art presentation and artist support. I've had the joy of working with artists, scientists, activists, policy advocates, farmers, and small business owners to bring boundary-expanding collaborative projects to life. 
If I don't know how to help you, chances are I will know someone who does.


Creative Writing Feedback
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Public Art Consultation
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Digital Copyediting

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I offer sliding scale fees on all my services, particularly to prospective clients with marginalized identities.
If you or your organization has access to wealth, please refer to my rates listed above. 


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